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First vice president praises Ministry of Economy efforts in Resistance Economy

At the recent session of the Resistance Economy Command Headquarters, the report of the Ministry of Economys actions in the field of resistance economy, as well as the activities carried out by the Deregulation Board, in particular the improvement of international business indicators, received the attention and support of the First Vice President.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Speaking to the Shada correspondent, Deputy Minister Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi said: During Monday's meeting on the activities of the Ministry of Economy to improve the business environment, headed by First Vice President Dr. Ishaq Jahangiri, reports of actions taken, such as the launch of the National Business Licensing Portal and the future plans of the Ministry, were presented.

The main purpose of launching the National Business Licensing Portal system is to standardize all country licenses information, Dehnavi said, adding: More than 90 percent of the information has been registered on the system so far.

Our next goal is to get all business startup applications first registered in the National Business Licensing Portal and then distributed to other executives, he continued.

At Monday's meeting, we had four important resolutions that would greatly assist the Ministry of Economy as the custodian of improving the country's business environment, Dehnavi noted.

Under one of the resolutions, those executive agencies that have not yet submitted their queries and licenses for uploading on the national portal were required to provide the information as soon as possible, he stated.

According to him, the second resolution stresses that those executives intend to enact new laws should coordinate with the Deregulation Board and the Ministry of Economy on areas they feel could be disruptive to business, otherwise, the Board is allowed to overrule those sections.

He further went on to describe the national plan for improving the business environment and facilitating the licensing process, said: Since there are many improvements to be made in the processes, it is possible to create very positive and operational impacts through a series of immediate impact measures.

For example, at the behest of Dr. Dejpasand, for the first time the Iranian National Tax Administration and Customs Administration have been examined in this regard and five to six amendments have been found to each of them, including the issuance of a VAT certificate, he continued.

The third resolution will require all executive agencies to join the national plan and provide the necessary communications to improve and facilitate business-related processes, the Deputy Minister said.

Under the forth one, the Ministry of Economy is required to report and monitor the process of actions taken by the executive agencies to implement the national plan.

In another part of his speech, Dehnavi pointed to Iran's promotion in the Doing Business Index, considering this promotion to be of great importance to foreign investors, and said: Despite criticizing the methodology and type of calculations of the World Bank regarding the valuation and announcement of this index, for the aforementioned reasons, we have to upgrade our ranking in the index.