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Iran, Europe explore new ways to facilitate transit of goods

Iran and Europe explored new ways to increase and facilitate transit of goods during a meeting between Umberto de Pretto, Secretary-General of the International Road Transport Union (IRU), and Foroud Asgari, Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA).

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- The development of Carne was the main focus of the meeting, and the two sides agreed to expand customs cooperation under the framework of the North-South, East-West corridor, and the connection of China, India and Pakistan to TIR Carnet.

Asgari, Head of IRICA, said the electronic customs clearance process started in Iran four years ago and added: 27 organizations are involved in the clearance process, and they are electronically connected to the IRICA through the single-window trade system.

One of the great works of Dr. Karbasian, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran, is the establishment of the single-window trade system, Asgari stated.

He noted that last year the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration received an award due to its efforts in developing electronic processes.

Asgari further referred to the successful implementation of eTIR in Iran and said: This project was successfully implemented by IRICA for the first time in the world. We developed the TIR Carnet and recently issued TIR Carnet Licenses for seven customs offices.

Asgari pointed to the interest of neighboring countries in developing and facilitating transit with Iran, and added: Last week I went to Azerbaijan, meeting with my Azeri counterpart. We talked about eTIR and reached good agreements. By connecting Azerbaijan to India through Iran, we will launch the North-South corridor and recently we successfully implemented TIR Carnet with Pakistan.

IRICA has good experiences in the field of electronic data exchange, such as the successful implementation of eTIR, and we are ready to transfer our experiences to other countries, he continued.

During the meeting, Umberto de Pretto, Secretary-General of IRU, said: Europe has always achieved best results in cooperating with the Iranian customs, such as the implementation of TIR Carnet.

He added that the Iranian Customs has shown to all countries that the eTIR project is capable of being implemented.

Referring to the connection of China, India and Pakistan to TIR Carnet, Umberto de Pretto announced that a new chapter will open in the field of TIR Carnet and combined transport with particular attention to ports and railways of Iran.

The Secretary-General of the International Road Transport (IRU) described the Slovenia-Iran TIR project as successful, appreciating the Iranian Customs in implementing eTIR Carnet.