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Iran Deputy Finance Minister admires Italy, EU independent policies

Irans Deputy Finance Minister Mohammad Khazaei discussed ways of promoting bilateral relations with the Italian Deputy Foreign Minister.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Khazaei, also head of Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance Organization of Iran, who is in Rome at the head of a delegation, met and talked with the Italian Deputy Foreign Minister.

During the meeting, he said that bilateral and multilateral economic and political cooperation is a major factor in generating jobs, promoting markets of export, and reducing poverty and migration.

Khazaei said the five-billion euro credit line agreement with Italy is a major political and economic event and a clear sign of Italy and EU's prudent and independent policies from those of the US vis-à-vis Iran and the region, added: The deal will help expand economic relations and both countries will benefit from it.

Italian deputy foreign minister, for his part, expressed pleasure over the move, underlining his country's serious resolve for boosting political and economic ties between the two countries.

He also hailed Iran's role in regional developments and said that promoting economic ties will contribute to establishing peace and economic stability in the region.

Amendola hoped that the credit line would help bolster the two countries' cooperation in implementing major and infrastructural projects.