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Turkey’s Eskisehir economic delegation in Tehran

(SHADA: TEHRAN) – An economic delegation from Turkey’s Eskisehir met members of Tehran Chamber of Commerce and discussed ways of bilateral cooperation with its members on Monday.

This is the second time in the past year that a delegation from Eskisehir holds meeting with Tehran Chamber of Commerce and, as was stressed by officials of the delegation, efforts are being made not to remain behind Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir in expanding economic relations with Tehran.

The Turkish delegation comprises government officials, including governor general office of Eskisehir, and activists of the private sector.

Ebrahim Bahadorani, Secretary General of the Chamber, said European and Western trade delegations are warmly welcoming Iran due to the entry of Iran and the West into the drafting stage of the comprehensive agreement which will lead to the thorough removal of all sanctions against Iran’s economy.

He said countries which remained beside Iran in the sanctions period and preserved their economic relations with Iran will be given priority in the post-sanctions era and fortunately Turkey is one of those countries.

Stressing that in the years ahead Iran’s market will become more competitive, Bahadorani recommended Turkish companies to prepare themselves for a closer competition as they have to compete with many domestic and foreign companies in order to preserve their own market.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Reza Bakhtiari, deputy for international affairs of the chamber, said Iran and Turkey are complementary to each other in terms of economy and noted that bilateral cooperation can expand beyond borders of the two countries for which private sectors of Iran and Turkey should get prepared.

He referred to the implementation of preferential trade between Iran and Turkey which he said has facilitated business between the two sides and said Iran and Turkey can have serious presence in the third markets.

Also speaking in the meeting was deputy governor general of Eskisehir who termed the city as one of the industrial and trade regions of Turkey.

Gunhan Yazar further remarked that the largest industrial towns in Turkey are located in Eskisehir and the province of the same name is still known as the cultural capital of Turkish-speaking countries.

 Source: IRNA