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INTA gains 5k billion tomans via fighting tax evasion

Seyyed Kamel Taghavinejad, president of the Iranian National Tax Administration (INTA), says that INTA collected 5,000 billion tomans in tax in 1395 (March 2016-17) via recognizing 300k new taxpayers.

IPO will pay Justice Shares profits as soon as received from investment companies

The head of the Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO) said that the organization will distribute the profits of Justice Shares among the beneficiaries as soon as received from the investment companies.

FATF votes in favor of Iran, continues suspension of restrictions

The FATF (Financial Action Task Force), which had suspended its sanctions on Iran for one year, announced on Friday that in light of Iran’s demonstration of its political commitment, it will continue to suspend the restrictions.

7 small, medium projects inaugurated with BIM facilities

In the first two months of this Persian calendar year, seven small and medium projects were inaugurated with the facilities provided by the Bank of Industry and Mine (BIM).

Iran customs rank first in drug discovery

In the latest report published by the Regional Intelligence Liaison Office (RILO) of the World Customs Organization, Irans customs were ranked first in the discovery of a variety of drugs and second in the fight against violations of customs regulations and smuggling of goods.

Iran attracts over $3.3 billion of foreign investment in 2016

The attraction of 3.372 billion dollars of foreign investment in 2016 shows the worlds attention to Iran after the nuclear deal, Khazaei stressed.

Iran foreign debt is less than $10 billion

Irans economy with a GDP of $400 billion and $170 billion of foreign trade has less than $10 billion foreign debt, Deputy Economy Minister said.

eTIR project successfully implemented in Iran Customs

eTIR is the first international project in which Iran was selected as a pilot country to implement.

Currency derivatives market contributes to foreign exchange hedging

Managing Director of Export Development Bank of Iran says the launch of currency derivatives market contributes to real hedging.

Iran, Poland to implement economic cooperation agreement

The Law of the Agreement on Economic Cooperation between the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the government of the Republic of Poland was notified by the Iranian president.