CGT will be included in the bill of amendments to the direct tax law

Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran announced that Capital Gains Tax (CGT) will be included in the bill of amendments to the direct tax law.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Farhad Dejpasand, who was present at the Parliament Committee on Economic this afternoon to answer MPs' questions, told reporters at the end of the meeting: One of the concerns of the MPs at today's meeting was the issue of capital gains tax and why a bill is not being presented to the Parliament.

Based on research, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance has come to the conclusion that it should include the issue of capital gains tax into the bill of amendments to the direct tax law and submit it to the Parliament, Dejpasand added.

He also said the Ministry is drafting the bill of Tax on Disruptive Activities which will be submitted to the Parliament by the end October this year.

This was another issue and concern of the MPs that was raised and answered at today's meeting, Dejpasand said.

The Minister further referred to the MPs' questions on how to implement Article 44 of the Constitution and said: As a person who has been researching and practicing privatization for three decades, I find this sensitivity of the MPs to be very understandable and very valuable in protecting people's rights.

Stating that the Ministry of Economy and the Privatization Organization are doing their utmost efforts to enforce the law on outsourcing, he noted: There are some criticisms about the buyers of state-owned corporations, but we have complied fully with the law because in the current law, the only authorized buyers are those who have financial standing, no tax debt, and no outstanding bank claims.

It looks like the Parliament is considering extending the qualification of buyers to other things as well, and if it becomes law, we will definitely put it into compliance, Dejpasand added.