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Iran, South Korea form working group to connect financial markets

CEO of the Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI) says that Iran and South Korea will form a special working group to connect their financial markets.

Eleventh government succeeds in attracting $11 of billion foreign investment

The JCPOA helped Iran to attract more than $11 billion of foreign investment.

Bank of Industry and Mine opens USD 11 bn credit lines

Bank of Industry and Mine has opened $11 billion credit lines for industrial projects during 1392-95 (March 2013-17), playing a very important role in financing the production sector and creating jobs in the country.

Customs Administration priority is to support domestic production

President of the Custom Administration of Iran says that one of the Administrations priorities is to support domestic production and that is why tariffs are applied on imported goods.

INTA refunds 1300 billion tomans to exporters

More than 1300 billion tomans of taxes and charges were refunded to exporters in 1395 (March 2016-17), said Taghavinejad, Head of the Iranian National Tax Administration (INTA).

250 foreign delegations visit Tehran Stock Exchange

At the conference of International Financing Opportunities through the London Stock Exchange, CEO of the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) emphasized the importance of knowledge and technology transfer.

INTA is determined to fight tax evasion

President of the Iranian National Tax Administration (INTA) says that his administration is serious and determined to fight tax evasion.

Continued growth of the capital market needs cultural practices

Head of Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran said that cultural practices and culture-building play a significant role in increasing the participation of the public in the capital market.

Executive agencies should be committed to applying e-government principles

Deputy Economy Minister called for the commitment of executive agencies to the principles of e-government based on the standards of the countrys Permit Inquiry System.

Iran, Russia create common electronic gateway

Ali Baidi, Deputy President for Planning and International Affairs of Irans Customs Administration, says that Iran and Russia have created a common electronic gateway to exchange information.